Leaders awakening to the need for job-creation programmes

Graduation ceremony at a secondary school in Tanzania. Photo: Jonathan E. Kalan

Be a Changemaker

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Millennials Are Redefining Work, Corporations Should Take Advantage

Millennials Are Redefining Work, Corporations Should Take Advantage

Apparently demographers and corporate recruiters have taken to calling the generation of young people graduating from college and now entering the workforce “Millennials”. We were Generation Y, then we were the Net Generation, and now we’re the Millennials. (Ironically, despite our futuristic monikers, none of us can now aspire to be NASA astronauts.) Read More…

MDG 1000 Days of Action

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Share Your Words of Wisdom

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Established in 2005, the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) is an initiative of the UN Secretary General, which aims to improve understanding and cooperation between states and peoples of different cultures and religions. In this process, the UNAOC hopes to counter the forces that contribute to extremism and polarization by encouraging dialogue, understanding and respect among people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds.

The UNAOC Youth Website provides a central point of reference for youth interested in advancing cross-cultural understanding. This website is a place where youth are able to discuss issues and seek resources that can help them find their own unique ways to contribute to the development of inclusive societies

Join the conversation here and post your words of wisdom on the subject of intercultural dialogue and youth.

Rethinking Education: Why Our Education System Is Ripe For Disruption

In a post on Forbes entrepreneur Naveen Jain, discusses what he thinks is wrong with the current approach towards education.

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Not by Bread Alone

Growth in national income is a poor predictor of welfare

IF YOU look at countries’ social and economic progress since 1990, you will find that, in most cases, it is in line with their historic performance—with some important exceptions. According to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), over 40 countries have done much better than their recent history alone would have suggested. This large group, says the UNDP, really represents “the rise of the South”, not the BRICS, “Chindia” or some more exclusive club. Read More…

Top 3 low-cost Tech Breakthroughs in Health

Social entrepreneurs are innovating with technology to lower the cost of providing health services and enable early diagnosis and prevention. These promising solutions have emerged in developing markets, where scarce resources mean that health workers must do a whole lot more with less.

These tech breakthroughs are helping solve critical problems facing health systems, including high costs and a lack of access to preventative care. Could these health innovations be helping to transform health systems near you. Read More…

Stop Stealing Dreams: On the future of education and what we can do about it.

In this TEDXYouth video, Seth Godin asks us to examine the way we (as a society and on an individual level) think about education. Read More…

U.A.E. Makes Huge Investment in Education and Technology

ABU DHABI — Sheik Nahayan bin Mubarak al-Nahayan stepped down as the United Arab Emirates’ education minister last week, to become its cultural minister. In one of his last interviews as the head of higher education and scientific research, he discussed how he had worked to improve academic standards in a country that is only 41 years old.

Meeting at his waterfront palace, he spoke about the U.A.E.’s enormous education spending — which, according to media reports, totals more than one-fifth of the total national budget and which paid for 14,000 iPads for its universities.

He also discusses why the country is emphasizing English-language instruction and industry-friendly courses and research.

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