At Think Millennials we believe that investing in youth is the best way to empower them to make a better future for themselves, their communities and the world. With the highest rate of unemployment hitting the millennial age group (roughly 12-30 year olds) globally, we believe it is important to connect people together and start thinking about how we can move forward to make sustainable change. We trust that education is the basis for any change and with that comes empowerment and inspiration so that we can innovate and make a  difference.

We envision a world in which investing in youth is seen as a crucial starting point for the development of a nation’s human capital. We believe that gaps in development could be improved upon with a focus on youth driven human capital investment. With the right measures, we hold that developing countries can turn their large youth populations into a boon.

Although characteristics vary by region, depending on social and economic conditions, those of us who make up the Millennial Generation (born between 1982-2000) are connected by the unique trait of being born into the age of the Internet and computers. As a result we find ourselves in an age where there is a marked increase in use and familiarity with media and digital technologies; one where we are also more aware and able to reach people around the world with the click of a button.

Development is about many different things, including political freedom, health, livelihood etc… but we believe Nobel Peace Prize winner Amartya Sen said it best when he described the ultimate focus of development as what “we can or cannot do, can or cannot be.”


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