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Leaders awakening to the need for job-creation programmes

Graduation ceremony at a secondary school in Tanzania. Photo: Jonathan E. Kalan

Be a Changemaker

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Millennials Are Redefining Work, Corporations Should Take Advantage

Millennials Are Redefining Work, Corporations Should Take Advantage

Apparently demographers and corporate recruiters have taken to calling the generation of young people graduating from college and now entering the workforce “Millennials”. We were Generation Y, then we were the Net Generation, and now we’re the Millennials. (Ironically, despite our futuristic monikers, none of us can now aspire to be NASA astronauts.) Read More…

MDG 1000 Days of Action

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Share Your Words of Wisdom


Established in 2005, the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) is an initiative of the UN Secretary General, which aims to improve understanding and cooperation between states and peoples of different cultures and religions. In this process, the UNAOC hopes to counter the forces that contribute to extremism and polarization by encouraging dialogue, understanding and respect among people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds.

The UNAOC Youth Website provides a central point of reference for youth interested in advancing cross-cultural understanding. This website is a place where youth are able to discuss issues and seek resources that can help them find their own unique ways to contribute to the development of inclusive societies

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